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Why a Boutique Supply Chain Consulting Firm is a Good Fit for your Business

Problems in your supply chain? Partnering with a boutique supply chain consulting firm can help improve business efficiency and cut costs. At RTG Solutions Group, we think we’re the right fit for your supply chain needs.

An organization’s supply chain is the lifeblood of its operations. Any kink in the intricacies of the supply chain can negatively impact the business. Identifying the problems and implementing the right solutions can be complex. Yet, finding the time, with limited resources, can be a challenge to assess problems and enact changes. After all, you have a business to run!

So why do many business leaders seek to partner with a boutique supply chain consulting firm?

First, the business is losing money and they haven’t been able to fix it. Often, business leaders can point towards the problem either in the front end or backend of the business. However, the obstacle is the ability to develop a solution and execute it.

Second, business leaders benefit from the neutrality that comes with partnering with a supply chain expert outside the organization. Often, individuals are so busy working IN the business, that they miss an objective point of view. A boutique supply chain consultant can assess the organization’s needs, identify the supply chain bottlenecks, and outline a path forward.

Third, no matter the size of the business, many organizations lack sufficient internal resources or expertise to evaluate the problem and provide workable solutions.

Why partner with RTG Solutions Group?

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There are many reasons why RTG Solutions Group is the right boutique supply chain consulting firm for your organization. The following information provides insight into who we are, what we believe in, and how we are confident that our supply chain expertise can help your business.


The term “boutique” has been inserted in the business vernacular to identify small, specialized organizations. That may be true. However, as a boutique supply chain consulting firm, we are able to utilize our natural entrepreneur spirit with a personal commitment to getting to know your business, your people, and your challenges. As if it were our own business, we roll-up our sleeves and work tirelessly alongside you to uncover the bottlenecks and lead you to improve the efficiencies. In entrepreneur-like fashion, we are nimble to effectively embrace challenges and resolve problems quickly.

Problem-Solvers, Solution-Seekers:

We believe problems and solutions should go hand-in-hand. It’s not enough to just identify the problem. Our role is not to tell you what’s wrong, issue a report, and walk away. Rather, it’s imperative that we also devise a solution and lead your team in its implementation. We are energized by tackling big problems. And we celebrate with our clients after big solutions are accomplished.

Supply Chain Specialists:

At RTG Solutions Group, we assist organizations with the entire breadth of their supply chain including procurement, operations, inventory management, sales and operations planning, supply chain risk management and logistics. Our methodologies are adaptable to any business model. We have helped businesses in various industries, including manufacturing, military defense, retail, and healthcare.


At the foundation of who we are as an organization, we are committed to continuous improvement and streamlining processes. Every step in the supply chain involves multiple processes. We map-out the current state of processes and outline a better way to improve efficiency that results in saving time and money. We document the processes, including standard operations procedures (SOPs), that we believe are critical to long-term consistency. We believe in lean methodologies and will help your organization instill a culture of continuous improvement.

Belief in Developing People:

At the core of any organization are its people. The success of the business hinges on its people, their growth, and commitment to the organization. We guide your leaders how to develop their people while teaching teams foundational methods to identify problems and devise solutions. Our goal is not to be an indispensable supply chain resource. We succeed when your organization is able to utilize the tools we teach you to solve future problems.

Independent Consultants:

We are not affiliated with, nor endorse, any specific supply chain suppliers, equipment, or software. However, while working with you, we can help identify third-party resources that best fit your organization’s needs. Our recommendations will always be based on what is best for your organization’s unique needs.

Technology Implementors:

We are experienced in helping organizations add or update new technology to their business operations. Adding new technology can improve efficiencies. However, adding new technology on top of existing poor processes is a recipe for disaster. Our technology implementation process, including developing a requirements document, ensures a seamless transition of the new technology and positions the organization for maximum efficiency.

Data Geeks:

It’s critical to harness the power of data to accurately evaluate each function in your supply chain and to make smart decisions. In addition to analyzing data for sound forecasting, data-driven tools can provide cutting-edge strategy in real-time inventory management.

Navigators Through Disruption:

There can be any number of disruptors to an organization’s supply chain. However, a global pandemic, like Covid-19, can really wreak havoc. We believe during times of disruption, that a bright light shines on existing inefficiencies and poor processes. While these problems previously hid in the shadows, extensive disruption brings them to the forefront. We believe that the disruptions didn’t cause the current supply chain issues. Rather, the disruptions brought the inefficiencies to light. Regardless of the cause of supply chain issues, we will help guide you through to better operational efficiency.

Next Steps to Address your Supply Chain Needs

As a boutique supply chain consulting firm with unique qualities and a tenacity to solve problems, let’s have a conversation to discuss your supply chain needs. Contact us today.


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