Message From Founders

Welcome to RTG Solutions Group!

We are a business solutions provider with proven methods to create synergy among teams and enhance business efficiencies. We are experts in providing connectivity between people within an organization and its vision.

Collectively, we have over 60 years of experience in solving problems, streamlining chaotic work environments and providing solutions to businesses across Healthcare, Military Defense Operations and Retail Industries.

So, what makes RTG Solutions Group different? Quite simply, the heart of the organization was founded and developed on a strong lineage.

Our lineage is built on a passionate work ethic and irrefutable determination. We inherited an indomitable spirit predicated on assisting and developing others.We find tremendous pleasure in witnessing others succeed. Our commitment to helping others is foundational in our individual accolades and is now rooted as a cornerstone in RTG Solutions Group’s values and culture.

Regardless of an organization’s size, we believe that organic Change Management, coupled with a Continuous Improvement mindset, will lead to true Organizational Development.

Yes, the success of an organization is determined by its bottom line revenue. However, we believe the path that embraces people, process and communication will maximum business efficiency and profit.

We believe that leadership is stewardship. We are all accountable for how we impact the world through the gifts we are given. RTG Solutions Group is a culmination of our gifts and we look forward to partnering with you and your teams to assist in realizing your full potential.

Kelvin H. G. Bhattan 
Chairman & CEO

Khris K. Bhattan