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HR team improving business processes

In every business and industry, the Human Resources department has connectivity across the entire organization. The HR team is integral to managing the process of interviewing, hiring and onboarding new employees, processing necessary paperwork, collaborating with other department leaders on reviews, promotions and dismissals. Often the HR team leads compliance and development training for all employees. Many HR teams manage the organization’s internal communications efforts. 


Due to chaotic workflow processes and a poor communications structure, the HR team did not meet the needs of other departments and hiring managers across the organization. 

  • Communication and responses to inquiries from managers and employees inquiring about hiring status for new positions and individual benefits questions was delayed and fragmented. 
  • The new employee hiring process, including interviewing, communications, paperwork and benefits was slow, resulting in frustrated managers who needed new staff to start.  
  • Corporate communications efforts were infrequent and often unclear. Employee engagement and morale was poor.


To understand the process bottlenecks and extensive delay in accomplishing tasks, it’s important to clearly identify how work is currently being done. It is then that gaps and improvement recommendations can be completed.

  • Develop process maps of current state for 30+ HR processes with departments across the organization and external vendors and providers.
  • Outline gaps and opportunities to improve all processes.
  • Create a path to engage employees at each level of the organization.
  • Create process improvement activities and personal development efforts for employees to align with corporate goals and initiatives.


  • 25% reduction in HR processing time.
  • Increased the ability to process both internal and external requests.
  • Increased the time and quality of communications among department leaders and HR team. 
  • Improved employee engagement, specifically department morale. 

“A vision cannot be realized without the ability to execute.”

Khris K. Bhattan
President, RTG Solutions Group
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