International Oil Company Avoids Impending Regulatory Shutdown Thanks to New Document Management System


An international oil company was facing impending shutdown by regulatory bodies due to improper document management procedures. They lacked clear document management workflows, so there was no way to ensure that employees were working with the most recent version of any given document. This left them exposed to safety violations.

They called on us to implement a new document management system (DMS) that would guarantee strict version control and improve document accessibility for field associates. We employed a comprehensive project management approach to configure, test, and roll out a new DMS. With the new software and procedures in place, they were able to avoid the shutdown and implement the system nationally. 


This international oil company was at risk of regulatory shutdown in its US locations due to noncompliance with document management standards. They were in urgent need of a new DMS in order to avoid any further safety risks and get back in compliance. 

In addition to safety concerns, field employees were unable to determine the most updated versions of documents they needed to access to do their jobs. This led to costly errors and frustration across the board. Their document management strategy lacked clear workflow, traceability, and version control. They needed us to implement a DMS that would improve work efficiency and guarantee regulatory compliance.  


We used a project management approach to assess their current state of document management protocols and implement a new DMS. We configured the system so that staff could only access the most up-to-date version of any given document. Not only that, but documents could be easily retrieved from any device. 

  • Used PDCA cycle approach to manage the project with an agile framework 
  • Performed a current-state analysis of all necessary document workflow approvals across departments  
  • Built necessary workflow approvals into the DMS  
  • Created Requirements Document for DMS so IT department could develop necessary APIs 
  • Integrated the new DMS with the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and Human Resource Management System 
  • Performed multiple exercises to test DMS and verify that document workflow protocols worked as intended  
  • Migrated all documents from their old repository into the new system 
  • Collaborated with safety department to ensure new DMS workflows were aligned with compliance standards 


  • Achieved full compliance with regulatory requirements  
  • Prevented impending regulatory shutdown  
  • 100% adoption of DMS among field associates 
  • Migrated over 100,000 documents into new DMS 

“A vision cannot be realized without the ability to execute.”

Khris K. Bhattan
President, RTG Solutions Group
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