New Training and Talent Acquisition Approach Slashes Attrition and Scales Operations

Paving company improves training

After a successful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implementation, a client called us back to help scale their operations on the back end of the business. With a killer combo of process delineation and a new ERP, they were able to significantly increase their operating efficiency and sales. In addition, they can now forecast jobs and sales in a way they couldn’t do before. This meant they had the time, capacity, and visibility to scale the business – they just couldn’t figure out exactly how to do that. And that’s where we came in. We helped them build out robust talent management protocols and created an entire library of training for every role in the business. This way, they could get the right people on their team and equip them for success.  


In our first involvement with this construction company, we eliminated bottlenecks that were slowing down everything from inventory to scheduling. With solid processes and an ERP solution in place, the business was almost ready to scale. But they were facing several talent management challenges that were holding them back from achieving their full potential. On the one hand, they didn’t have the right people for the work that needed to be done. On the other hand, they also lacked proper training, so even if they did attract the right talent, they couldn’t systematically onboard, develop, and retain them. This led to high levels of attrition.  


Working hand-in-hand with business operations and field operations, we built out a comprehensive set of talent acquisition protocols and training materials. This created the foundation to attract the right people for the job and retain top talent.  

  • Redesigned compensation packages to bring them up to date with industry standards. 
  • Developed an entire training library for new hires, consisting of 21 training modules. 
  • Defined tiered salary models in order to provide competitive, skills-based compensation.  
  • Created individual development plans for every role in the business, from company President to field positions  


  • Attrition reduced by 60% 
  • Scaled field operations capacity from 1 crew to 3  
  • Streamlined onboarding process by creating 21 training modules for new hires 

“A vision cannot be realized without the ability to execute.”

Khris K. Bhattan
President, RTG Solutions Group
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