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The global economy has never been more turbulent or competitive. But, with the help of a process improvement consultant, your business can ramp up its efficiency, unlock new opportunities for growth, and rise to the top. At RTG Solutions Group, our experts can revitalize your processes and tap into your organization’s hidden potential.

Processes are the foundation of any organization. Effective processes optimize the flow of information and resources throughout an organization.

They allow individual employees–and the business as a whole–to thrive at their maximum potential.

On the other hand, poor processes hamper performance at every level of the business. They eat up employees’ time, strain client relations, drain morale, and hurt your bottom line.

Over time, an accumulation of bad processes can do serious damage to your organization.

If inefficiency is hindering your growth, RTG Solutions Group can help.

Our efficiency experts partner with your team to assess current processes, diagnose the issues, and outline a path forward that elevates productivity across the entire organization.

With decades of experience in strategy consulting, our experts understand how to isolate individual processes and connect them to the organization’s overall strategic goals.

This way, they ensure that every person and process in the business is moving in lock-step to realize your company’s vision.


In today’s highly competitive economy, there is no time for guessing games. When you invest in business process improvement, you should know the exact value of your investment’s return.

That’s why, at RTG Solutions Group, we always deliver measurable, data-backed results.

Our organization is committed to fostering a culture of continuous improvement everywhere we go. And a key component of continuous improvement is data-driven decision-making.

Here’s how we measure our impact:

At the outset of a project, our process improvement consultant will set a standard by which to measure improvement efforts. In other words, they select a set of metrics that will be measured throughout the implementation process.

Depending on how those metrics change, we will be able to tell you exactly how much your business process improved.

In addition, we employ proven impact-measurement tools, including:

We believe it is essential to establish a baseline measurement in order to evaluate success later on.

After all, when you change how something is done, how do you know the change was effective if you don’t measure its impact?

No matter how large or complex your project is, RTG Solutions Group will help your team quantify the impact of your business process improvement efforts.

Below, we highlight some examples of common business problems and the metrics we would use to measure improvement efforts.

process improvement team


Problem: High employee turnover

Measurement: Increase in length of time employees are with organization

Problem: Too much time to process patient lab specimens in a hospital for timely decisions by doctors

Measurement:  Reduction in length of time to process lab results

Problem: Document management or employee training program is out of compliance, threatening loss of customer contract.

Measurement: All documents and training meet compliance standards set by governing body.

Problem: Employee onboarding process is too slow.

Measurement: Reduction in number of days between job posting date and new-hire’s first day of work

These are just a few examples of how a process improvement consultant would measure the impact of a new solution. But our work doesn’t end there.

As we work to improve your processes, we teach your teams the same skills and strategies that we use to identify bottlenecks, boost productivity, and measure change. All the while, we employ fool-proof change management techniques to ensure a smooth transition into the new processes.

When we leave your organization, your employees will be equipped with new techniques to spot inefficiencies, implement solutions, and measure their impact.

We believe that process improvement should engage everyone in an organization, building a culture of empowerment and continuous improvement at every level.

This will turn your business into a problem-solving, process-driven powerhouse.

Our consultants will also make sure you are leveraging digital tools to their maximum potential. If you’re interested in adopting cutting-edge industry technology, we’ll help you lead a digital transformation that elevates company performance.



At RTG Solutions Group, our approach emphasizes three pillars: People, Process, & Communication. We believe that a commitment to People, Process & Communication is the key to sustained business growth.

Why? When a business develops and engages their people, continually improves their processes, and optimizes internal communication pathways, they create the conditions for boundless success.

Strengthening these three pillars will transform your business into a dynamic, self-correcting system that consistently outperforms the competition.


In changing global business conditions, partnering with a business process improvement consultant can be invaluable.

At RTG Solutions Group, our commitment to continuous improvement sets us apart. When improving your processes, our consultants will not simply leave you with a list of recommendations and walk away.

Instead, we will work directly with your teams. Together, we’ll map out the current state of processes, identify where the redundancies and bottlenecks lie, isolate the root causes of problems, and develop a new set of highly efficient processes.

Through proven methodology, we develop customized solutions to your unique business challenges. Meanwhile, we teach your team members effective strategies for continuous improvement.

The result is measurable cost reduction, elimination of waste, increased productivity, and a thriving workforce.

Business process improvement is about streamlining every aspect of a company. It’s about improving efficiencies. It’s what we do. And we’re good at it.

And while we work on the problems of the present, we prepare your teams to tackle the business challenges of the future by teaching them our proven methodology.

Ultimately, this ensures that your team can continually strengthen process efficiency at your organization, long after we have left.

Whether you want to zero-in on a specific process area, transform your small business, or take on a large-scale business transformation, we can guide your team to breakthrough success.

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