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Is your company’s remote training ahead of the innovation curve? Or are you struggling to provide consistent and impactful training? If you want to significantly improve your training outcomes and employee development, RTG Solutions Group can help get you there.

Remote training is not just the future. It’s the new bar to measure your training’s impact. The work-from-home movement has redefined all aspects of business. Learning & development is no exception. As our world becomes more digital with a work-from-anywhere culture, the need for online employee training will rise. 

Our training experts will help develop a strategic approach with the right mix of tools and techniques to implement your remote training program. 

What sets RTG Solutions Group apart? 

First, we assess your training and development needs, processes, and current challenges. Second, we outline a clear path forward based on your goals and objectives. Third, our instructional designers create engaging training modules for online learning. And Fourth, we incorporate methods to measure effectiveness and continually improve training and employee learning.

We believe training is a crucial building block for any organization. A learning culture can unlock your team’s full potential. As well, an integrated employee training and development approach can help the organization reach its strategic goals for growth. 

So, how does an organization transition to remote training? It’s important to have clear goals based on current and future training needs. It’s not enough to embrace building an eLearning infrastructure. It’s essential to design training that is engaging and available on any digital platform. Learning and development experts can help an organization convert to an effective online employee training program.


employee online remote training

There are many reasons why forward-thinking businesses embrace remote training. It’s not just a novel technology splurge. It’s a smart investment with measurable ROI.  

Here are just a few of the characteristics that make remote training a smart business decision:

  • Flexible: Remote training can be done anytime, anywhere.
  • Consistent: It provides the same training curriculum every time.
  • Effective: It can boost fact retention by 25-60%, 
  • Longevity: Once created, your training program can be used for years to come. 
  • Cost-effective: IBM saved $200 million by switching to online employee training. 
  • Adaptable: Remote training programs can grow and evolve with your business. 
  • Eco-friendly: It can reduce your carbon footprint. 
  • Engaging: Online employee training can increase employee engagement by 18% (source)
  • Competitive: 72% of organizations believe online business training gives them an edge over competition. 
  • All-Digital: Can be used on any digital device, from a desktop, to tablet, to mobile phone. 
  • Cross-functional: It can be used for WFH employees and in-office staff alike.
  • Profitable: An annual training investment of $1,500 per employee can increase profits by 24% (source)


online training AR/VR

Innovative learning technology has exploded over the last decade. And the tools are more effective and interactive than ever. 

There was a time when digital training lacked all the essential qualities of a strong training program. It was static, one-sided, difficult to update, and impersonal. Thankfully, we now have tools for digital workplace training that don’t just match the efficacy of instructor-led in-person training – they surpass it.  

But with all the online training tools available, how do you transform your current training approach? Leveraging eLearning training consultants can ensure a seamless transition. At RTG Solutions Group, we take a comprehensive approach to tech and employee training integration. 

Sometimes new technology is not even necessary. Many businesses already have access to innovative training tools to maximize employee engagement. However, they simply don’t know how to escalate its potential. Therefore, we can lead your training team how to best utilize your current training tools as well as identify others to meet your goals.

So what innovative online training tools are available? These are some of the most innovative tools for online employee training and development: 

Learning Management Systems (LMS) 

The LMS is the workhorse of an organization’s remote training efforts. An LMS provides the mechanism to assess, administer, deliver, track, automate, and document the entire training program. Best of all, the training modules and reporting is accessed on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. They are the efficient vehicle for a streamlined, ultra-modern training program. 

At RTG Solutions Group, we guide organizations how to select the right LMS for their training needs. Next, we plan and prep for the LMS training roll-out. Finally, make sure you test and audit your LMS to measure performance. 

Interested in learning more about LMS implementation? Check out our article, 8 Steps For an LMS Training Transition Plan


For quick-win learning, employees can access training segments that are short, highly-focused chunks of information. This remote training tool helps tackle limited attention spans and increase employee’s retention of information. In addition, this learning approach provides employees the ability to learn on-the-go, over lunch, and when they have short bursts of available time.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality: 

AR/VR, a three-dimensional virtual training environment, has limitless opportunities for training in the workplace. AR /VR blends the physical and digital worlds and leverages mixed reality to train personnel in a multitude of hard and soft skills. The technology provides a safer, cost effective means to train for such needs as manual processes, leadership development, medical practices, and compliance training.   


Who wouldn’t want to have a little fun while training? Gamification incorporates game concepts in learning scenarios to entertain and engage the learner. The interactive game-based approach creates an interesting — and yes, fun — learning environment. When learners are more engaged, retention of information increases. From customized video games to board games, gamification options are endless.


Effective use of video in online employee training is an extremely powerful tool. Video improves concept visualization, enhances storytelling, and improves retention of information. Video helps to communicate complicated information and is very conducive for training remotely. 

Video provides consistent information to learners. Yet, with minor edits, a single video can be adapted to each unique audience. Use of video in remote training is very versatile in how it can be incorporated into the training modules. The approaches in video can include animation, stop-motion, and live-action. And with an employee controlling their learning experience, video can be paused, and replayed to repeat and reinforce information. 

Adaptive Learning: 

Adaptive learning harnesses online training modules with the power of AI to maximize the learner’s experience and ability to learn. Adaptive learning technology uses algorithms to modify content to the learner’s needs based on their responses to tasks and questions. The training materials and target goals automatically adjust to their performance. This technology allows each learner to receive information specifically tailored to their learning style and needs. 


The modern economy – and its workers – demand flexibility. Online employee training and development can help your business stay ahead of the digital revolution. 

For those unfamiliar with industry innovations, online staff training might sound like a trade-off of convenience over quality. However, with the right tools and techniques, online employee training can be just as effective – if not better – than in-person training. 

RTG Solutions Group can help your business identify and meet its unique training needs. Our experts are committed to proven methodology, trusted technology, and continuous improvement. Contact us to chat how we can help create or improve your remote training efforts.

“A vision cannot be realized without the ability to execute.”

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