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Don’t let your business be overwhelmed by volatile markets and ruthless competition – partner with a business strategy consultant from RTG Solutions Group today.

We provide leaders with a winning strategy to navigate a business world that is becoming more turbulent every year. And better yet–we help leaders execute that strategy seamlessly.

At RTG Solutions Group, we guide businesses to establish ambitious goals and achieve clear results.

Envisioning where you want to take the business is just the start. Creating a strategic path for change –and continuously moving towards those goals – is the real challenge.

That’s where we can help.

We believe that executing a vision is imperative to an organization’s success. A strategic vision is worthless without the capacity to execute.

As a business leader, you may have a good idea of what direction you want to take your business. However, without the ability to map a strategic path, establish KPIs, and measure impact, the vision is just a dream.

As part of our strategic consulting services, we guide your vision, establish clear goals, allocate resources, and analyze the data to measure success.


At RTG Solutions Group, we are so certain of the importance of strategy execution that we may not be like other strategy consulting firms.

What makes us different? Our goal is not to create a strategic plan, hand it off to you, and walk away. Instead, we help assess your business needs put that plan into action.

If all you do is plan, push back target deliverable dates, and evaluate spreadsheets, you’re not moving forward.

That’s why your RTG Solutions Group strategic planning consultant will always work in lockstep with your team to make things happen.

When you work with RTG Solutions Group, your vision is our mission. And we won’t walk away until that vision is realized.


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To develop your corporate business strategy, we take an end-to-end perspective in our analysis and methodology.

As part of our strategic consulting services, we customize our approach to each organization and their industry.

Our experts call upon a dynamic arsenal of techniques from the following consulting fields:

This way, we can create a customized action plan that is optimized to your unique needs and goals.


In our age of disruptive technology and volatile markets, the ability to adapt is critical to an organization’s success and sustainability. At RTG Solutions Group, we believe that strategic planning plays a critical role in any growth-oriented organization.

At the same time, we believe that action is just as important as planning. As a result of the planning process, it’s imperative to establish specific and actionable strategic goals. Development and monitoring of KPIs and ROI is also vital to ensure success.


Sometimes, strategic objectives are not so clear-cut. When your business needs a productivity make-over, a full-scale business transformation may be in order.

Business transformation involves a complete re-thinking of how your company creates value and generates revenue. And it is more than just a trendy topic discussed within c-suite meetings and business school lectures. Its importance to a company’s success is real. RTG Solutions Group is a valuable resource to leaders as they traverse through uncertainty, competition, and sustainable growth.

Organizations that survive – and thrive – in today’s ever-changing rapid climate, are the ones that build capabilities to adapt to disruption. As part of our business transformation leadership, we help organizations maximize their full potential.

A business strategy consultant from RTG Solutions Group can lead your transformation efforts and take it to the next level.


Leadership Development

Great leaders can transform an organization and propel it forward.

Our approach to leadership development tackles building teams, improving communications, increasing critical thinking skills, and guiding leaders to develop future leaders.

Developing effective leaders doesn’t just happen in a training class. It involves a strategic process to develop great employees to be even greater leaders.

Successful organizations are built on inspired leaders who not only share their vision, but also unite the organization in following that vision.

While strong training should be available to employees at all levels, leaders require special tools and training to be able to lead effectively. This sometimes calls for upskilling and reskilling to bridge talent gaps.

At RTG Solutions Group, we develop CEOs, senior executives, workstream leaders, and high-potential employees.

We equip leaders with tools that not only improve business performance, but also strengthen the company’s culture. This, in turn, ensures all other employees are performing at their maximum potential.

Employee Learning and Development

We believe that, when organizations are committed to employee training and development, they pave the way for boundless success.

As part of our strategy consulting services, we assist leaders with their employee development strategy. This includes creating comprehensive training initiatives across the organization.

Cross-functional Alignment

In our business and organizational consulting work, we help organizations evaluate the effectiveness of their workstreams and interdepartmental alignment.

In addition, we assess current business processes and communication across departments. From there, we can outline a path forward that improves synchronicity across the entire organization.

Business Unit Effectiveness

How are each of your business units functioning?

Departments such as HR, Finance, IT, Marketing, Operations, and Customer Service are subject to internal process bottlenecks, communication breakdowns, and lack-of effective leadership.

Even small internal roadblocks can have negative effects that reverberate across the business and hamper productivity.

A business strategy consultant from RTG Solutions Group can increase the efficacy of individual business units. When all departments are aligned and working effectively, the entire organization can thrive.


The future is here. Is your organization using technology in a way that maximizes value and productivity? If not, the time to embark on a digital transformation is now.

A strategic planning consultant from RTG Solutions Group will guide you through every step of the process.

We will assess your business’ technology needs, help select technology vendors, and develop a requirements document to ensure seamless implementation.

Our experts can manage the entire implementation project: from needs assessment, to install, to training.


What does your resource planning and allocation look like? Resource planning plays a key role in organizational development and overall business strategy.

As part of our strategic consulting services, we’ll work directly with your leaders to assess your supply chain and resource planning approach. Our goal will always be to ensure cost savings and need allocation.


dartboard bullseye strategic goals

It’s that time of year again. The executive leadership team gathers to develop the organization’s annual business strategy. Did your business achieve last year’s goals? If not, do you know why?

A business strategy consultant from RTG Solutions Group will guide your organization forward in strategic goal planning.

We help you assess what worked in the past – and ask the tough questions to determine why some things didn’t work out.

But we don’t just identify the gaps and mistakes. We also chart a path forward that delivers measurable results.

For objectives to become realities, the goals themselves must be established with a strategic approach.

As an analogy, we believe your business’ strategic goals are like throwing a dart in the center of the bullseye. They can be difficult to reach, sure. But when all operations are aimed towards the same target, you are bound to achieve success.

Whether your industry is being disrupted – or you want to be the disruptor – well-crafted goals are essential.

Does your business need help to establish goals that are ambitious yet achievable? Do you struggle to align workstreams and employees with your overarching objectives?

A business strategy consultant from RTG Solutions Group can help.


When you work with a business strategy consultant from RTG Solutions Group, you won’t have to guess if your investment paid off.

Why? We will always provide our clients with measurable results.

Too often, leaders make the mistake of assuming that business solutions will speak for themselves.

But no matter how innovative a solution seems; it will be a waste of resources if you don’t have the numbers to back it up.

That’s why your strategic management consultant from RTG Solutions Group will evaluate and measure all strategic planning efforts. We use tools like ROI models, KPIs, business intelligence, and data analytics to monitor efficacy.

Our RTG Management System is a model for implementing and maintaining a culture of continuous improvement in an organization.

Strategic goals are purposefully placed in the center of our system, and measurable results are weaved into every step of the process.


Can all your employees articulate your organization’s strategy and vision?

Is there connectivity between your company’s strategy and each employee’s job responsibilities?

Do employees only hear about the organization’s strategy and goals at the annual or quarterly report outs? Or is the strategy embedded in the culture and top-of-mind for everyone?

These are all important questions as you strive towards your organization’s goals. After all, employee engagement is a powerful tool with well-documented benefits.

When employees feel connected to their role and understand how they impact the business, they become personally invested in meeting strategic goals.

The result is a business where every person is intrinsically motivated to execute the strategy.

That’s why, at RTG Solutions Group, we are committed to people, process, and communication. We believe it is crucial for an organization to develop and engage its people, continually improve process efficiency, and create effective communication channels.

When a business invests in strengthening people, process, and communication, they pave the way for sustained growth and long-term success.


Competition is accelerating. Technology is evolving. Markets are fluctuating. The risks of participating in the economy have never been higher – but neither have the rewards.

We can propel your organization forward and ensure that you come out winning.

To speak with a business strategy consultant from RTG Solutions Group, contact us today!

“A vision cannot be realized without the ability to execute.”

Khris K. Bhattan
President, RTG Solutions Group
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