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Sales inventory operations planning is all about striking the perfect balance between supply and demand. It involves uniting all areas of the business – procurement, logistics, sales, manufacturing, finance, marketing, etc – under a single operational plan. Through coordinated target-setting, integrated operations fuel performance and unparalleled customer satisfaction. 

In addition to improved customer service, the S&OP process is highly effective at reducing costs and waste. After all, if all of your business departments are working in synchronicity, they’ll deliver the right output at the right time. In turn, your organization will see measurable efficiency gains.

And what do you get when you combine increased efficiency, reduced costs, less inventory waste, and improved customer service? A process-driven formula for unlimited growth. With all of its benefits, it’s no wonder so many business leaders opt for sales and operations planning consulting.


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Sales and operations planning consulting takes the hefty burden of implementation off of your hands. We spoke at length about roll-out challenges in our article, Why is It So Hard for Businesses to Get S&OP right?

While savvy business leaders may be able to craft a functional plan themselves, an experienced supply chain firm can help you do it in the most cost-efficient, sustainable way. In particular, a consultant can help your firm get ahead of implementation hurdles before they arise. 

Rolling out an operations plan is not as easy as installing a new software on all of your work devices. It is a highly complex process that can be simplified by the assistance of a boutique supply chain consulting firm.

Decades of combined experience have allowed RTG Solutions Group to learn the ins and outs of operational planning. As a result, our experts have boiled it down to a science. 

Our supply chain consulting firm can walk you through this process and help you execute it with the most productive use of your resources. We take all the guess-work out of integrating your business processes because we can provide you with all of the following information: 

    1. What your business will need for supply chain planning and execution
    2. What sort of problems you might run into
    3. How to avoid those problems or mitigate their risks
    4. How to measure the efficacy of your plan
    5. How to use this process to maximize revenue and minimize costs, and more!


Our sales and operations planning consulting firm can help your business gain a competitive advantage. Our secret is a methodological approach to process improvement and inventory management. 

These are some of the goals we can help you achieve with our sales and operations planning consulting:

  • Faster order fulfillment times 
  • Improved inventory accuracy and visibility 
  • Lower inventory costs
  • Decreased stock-outs and over-stocks
  • Improved vendor relations
  • Improved cross-department communication 
  • Cutting-edge supply chain technology implementation
  • Stronger data-collection policies
  • Improved forecasts and real-time inventory techniques
  • Mitigated supply chain disruption risks

What sets RTG Solutions Group apart is not just what we can help you achieve, but how we help you achieve it. Below, we outline some key aspects of our consulting services: 

Identify objectives for your sales & operations planning implementation: 

Do you want to cut inventory costs? Decrease turnover time? Make product launches more successful? Through strategic conversations, we will deduce your organization’s objectives. These objectives will guide our process improvement efforts. 

Assess the current state of your supply chain processes: 

To get from point A to point B, we first have to understand what point A is. For this reason, we’ll start by documenting the current processes of your sales and operations. This will give all team members a baseline for our supply chain planning and execution model. It not only gives us an idea of what we need to work on, it also tells us what we don’t need to work on.

Develop a return on investment model: 

At the end of the day, it always comes down to the bottom line. For this reason, RTG Solutions Group will develop an ROI model that provides a detailed cost-benefit analysis for our project. The ROI model will be critical for fostering buy-in from senior management, and it will also help manage the project team’s expectations. 

Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure results:

KPIs are the metrics that we’ll set to quantify the effectiveness of the S&OP process implementation plan. KPIs can measure anything from customer satisfaction to time. Depending on your company’s unique objectives, we will set appropriate KPIs along with a reporting system that allows us to monitor progress. 

Develop a project schedule and budget allocation: 

The project schedule and budget allocation are tools that will aid with accountability and communication throughout the project. Because sales & operations planning has such a wide range of components, having documents such as a budget and schedule help to ground the project. 

Strengthen technology frameworks:

An integrated operations model cannot be properly executed without a strong technology framework. For this reason, we will spend time assessing your current technology arsenal and recommend appropriate changes. This may not result in outrageous expenditures–many organizations already have the correct tools and technology in place. They simply don’t use them to their full potential. We talk about that more about how to leverage technology to improve inventory management in our article, How Better Inventory Management Leads to Increase In Profitability

Develop cross-functional communication channels: 

The importance of this step cannot be overstated. The defining characteristic of sales inventory operations planning is cross-department synchronicity, and this is where many businesses struggle. As part of our sales and operations planning consulting, we will break down the communication barriers between departments and centralize information. This will help all of your teams work as one unified body towards company-wide goals. 

Create analytics to support operational integration: 

Data and analytics will be the compass to your operations roadmap. Once we strengthen your technology networks, we will develop forecasting models and real-time techniques to sync your supply and demand. Namely, we will enable systems that monitor and analyze demand trends; these past trends will be used to inform future operations. We talk more about the benefits of using data in your supply chain in our article, How 4 Data-Driven Tools Can Improve Your Inventory Management. 

Reinforce improved processes through training: 

At RTG Solutions Group, we are firm believers in the power of learning and development. Whether your organization uses LMS employee training or in-person training, we’ll codify your new processes through training. 

Create and execute implementation plan: 

Process improvement must be approached with the utmost care and foresight. This is especially true for a company-wide change such as sales and operations planning. Therefore, our supply chain experts will draft a roll-out plan that helps you avoid common mistakes and makes your new business model a win from the start. 


Interested in optimizing efficiency, minimizing costs, and improving customer service? RTG Solutions Group provides data-driven sales and operations planning consulting that can get you there. Contact us today to take the next step towards elevating your supply chain performance!

“A vision cannot be realized without the ability to execute.”

Khris K. Bhattan
President, RTG Solutions Group
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