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Small businesses are the beating heart of the American Dream. At RTG Solutions Group, we take pride in building our clients’ success stories through small business consulting.

Our experts are dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses solve problems, boost efficiency, and achieve breakthrough success.

Employing about 47% of the workforce, SMBs are vital to our economy. They breed innovation, diversify the marketplace, and strengthen our communities.

However, small businesses face exceptional challenges:

Indeed, small businesses confront a gamut of challenges every day. And as the economic climate becomes increasingly turbulent, it’s more important than ever to have a small business consulting partner you can trust.

Whether you are looking to improve process efficiency in one area of your business or embark on a full-fledged business transformation, RTG Solutions Group has got your back.

Our experts help small business owners scale their operations, mitigate risk, navigate turbulent times, and create winning cultures of continuous improvement.


According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), there are 31.7 million small businesses in the United States. These account for 99.9% of all businesses in the country!

At RTG Solutions Group, we generally define a small business as an organization with 50 full-time employees or less.

However, we don’t get too hung up on labels. We work with businesses of all sizes and industries, and we will never base the quality of our services on a size definition.

Rather, we tailor our approach to each one of our clients. We assess our clients’ unique needs to provide targeted solutions that produce measurable results.


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What are your company’s pain points? At RTG Solutions Group, our experts help small businesses transform their operations across several areas.

We apply proven methodologies and customize our toolkit to our clients’ individual goals.

Our consultants are trained in a variety of business disciplines, from process improvement to information systems and technology. This allows us to draw from a diverse arsenal of best practices to address your organization’s most pressing challenges.

In short, we will always select the most effective combination of tools and techniques to solve your problems. As we work together with you, we’ll teach you strategies to cut costs, increase efficiency, and strengthen company culture.

Here are some of the areas where RTG Solutions Group can transform your small business:

Small business technology

It’s not just about what technology you have. It’s about how you use it.

First and foremost, our small business consulting experts will ensure you are leveraging your current technology to its maximum potential.

If there are any gaps between your current technology and your organizational goals, we’ll work in lockstep with your team to increase your digital capabilities. Our small business technology implementation approach will revamp your business processes with minimal disruptions to operations.

Training and development

Employee development is vital to business success. Our results-driven training plans empower teams and transform small businesses.

Whether you’re looking for remote or in-person employee training, our small business consulting team can assess your training needs and develop engaging training. We also work with you to assess, select, and implement a learning management system. An LMS is important for a central location that is easily assessable by all employees.

RTG Solutions Group will prepare, implement, and measure the impact of your training initiative. In the meantime, we’ll guide you to build a culture of continuous learning at your organization.

Supply chain management

With global supply chain disruptions affecting companies of all sizes, effective supply chain management is more critical than ever.

Our small business consulting services include all areas of supply chain management, such as:

Change management

Small businesses are more susceptible to change than their larger counterparts. This can be both a good and bad situation.

On one hand, crises and disruptions can take a severe toll on small businesses. On the other hand, change management initiatives have massive potential to transform small businesses.

RTG Solutions Group helps small businesses embrace bold change and navigate turbulence with finesse. No matter the change, you’ll emerge stronger than ever with the expert help of our small business consulting team.

Business process improvement

Business process improvement is the core of small business consulting. Why is that? Processes underlie every aspect of business. Without strong processes, any attempts to improve efficiency or increase profitability will fall flat.

Our experts are trained in the science of process improvement.

We apply proven methodologies that will cut costs, reduce waste, increase profit, improve communication, and boost employee engagement.

Strategy consulting

Does your small business have a strategic plan for growth? If so, are your day-to-day operations optimized to meet your strategic growth goals?

At RTG Solutions Group, we help small business leaders turn their vision into an actionable plan through strategic consulting.

We will ensure that every person and process in your business is synced up to your strategic goals.

Our consultants employ tools like KPIs, ROI models, business intelligence, and data analytics to guarantee measurable progress towards your goals.

Employee engagement

People are a company’s most valuable resource. In a small business, this is especially true.

Engaged employees are your secret weapon to achieve growth, deliver outstanding services, and build a stellar reputation.

Small businesses simply cannot afford to have unengaged employees. Lack of engagement leads to high turnover, low morale, decreased efficiency, and decreased quality of services.

For this reason, our small business consulting model has built-in measures to improve employee engagement across the organization.

Remote work transition

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated remote work adoption across the globe. But is remote work here to stay? Experts say yes.

As a silver lining of the pandemic, organizations discovered massive gains in efficiency made possible by remote work.

And that’s true for companies of all sizes. Yes, even small businesses can benefit from remote work structures.

RTG Solutions Group will improve your small business’ remote work capabilities in a way that boosts profit, cuts cost, preserves company culture, and improves communication.


digital transformation

Small business transformation is a series of strategic, interconnected changes that sweep across the entire organization.

The goal of business transformation is to dramatically increase business value and improve overall performance.

Transformation requires a coordinated shift in goals and operations across every level of the business. Because transformation affects the entire company, top-level management must be directly involved in the process.

If this sounds too complex or costly for a small business – think again. In fact, business transformation is, in many ways, more attainable and lucrative for smaller businesses.

Why is that? In contrast to larger companies, small businesses tend to have:

  • More centralized decision-making processes
  • Less “red tape” and bureaucracy that impedes change
  • Top-level leaders who have more visibility into operations at every level of the business

All these factors make it easier to enact sweeping changes that multiply company value and transform a small business. Thus, the potential for exponential growth and transformation is magnified for small businesses.


small business transformation

Digital Transformation

Technology has redefined what it means to run a business. Digital transformation involves strategically incorporating technology to take your operations and services to new heights.

A small business digital transformation won’t just prepare your company for the future – it’ll help your business get ahead of the competition now.

The following areas, and more, can be elevated through a technological overhaul:

  • Employee training
  • Inventory management
  • Customer service
  • Document management
  • Supply chain management
  • Human resources

Business Process Transformation

Think of your business processes as a cross-linked, interconnected network of roads. Processes are the highway network that moves resources, people, ideas, and clients from one business node to another.

When those processes are efficient, they move inputs and outputs from Point A to Point B with minimal waste, while maximizing revenue.

When processes are inefficient, poorly designed, or riddled with potholes, you get bottlenecks, backlogs, disgruntled clients, errors, lost revenue, and low morale.

Small business process transformation will reform, revamp, and redesign your entire process infrastructure.

While a process transformation may include new digital assets, technology won’t necessarily be the top priority. Rather, our business operations consultant will take a holistic look at your operations and design processes that propel your small business to its full operational potential.

Organizational & Cultural Transformation

In an organizational transformation, we change the big picture of your small business.

We start by assessing where your business is now, and where you want it to be. Then, we create a plan to move the company forward in the right direction. This may involve an overhaul of operations, structure, processes, training, technology, culture and more.

Cultural transformations are difficult to accomplish. But the benefits of a healthy company culture cannot be overstated. Everything from customer service to employee retention increases in businesses with a healthy culture.

At RTG Solutions Group, we do things differently from other small business consulting firms. We want our clients to be just as good at solving problems as we are. As part of our small business consulting services, we foster a culture of continuous improvement that empowers our clients and their teams to tackle problems just as effectively as we do.


At RTG Solutions Group, we are committed to the development of People, Process, and Communication everywhere we go. Why?

We believe that an organization’s potential to succeed boils down to these three critical elements: People, Process, and Communication.

Let’s break it down:


When small businesses develop and engage their employees, they empower their teams to take business performance to the next level.


Continually improving process efficiency is the pathway to scaling your operations. Long-term sustainability and growth for small businesses is simply not possible without solid processes.


Effective communication, both within and across departments, doesn’t just maintain order – it fosters agility. The ability to pivot on the fly and respond to market demands requires consistent, structured communication.

This is why People, Process, and Communication are at the heart of our small business consulting approach.

In fact, our RTG Management System is built around these three crucial pillars. The RTG Management System is our continuous improvement model. It is a powerhouse combination of proven methodologies, tools, and strategies that we adapt to every client we work with.

When you work with RTG Solutions Group, we’ll not only teach you and your team proven strategies from the RTG Management System; we’ll also strengthen the dynamics of People, Process, and Communication at your small business.


Our goal at RTG Solutions Group is to help your small business achieve breakthrough success and sustained growth.

Whether your organization needs new technology, better training, or a full-scale small business transformation, our team is here to help.

Our small business consulting experts won’t just implement fool-proof solutions that meet your immediate goals. They will also leave your team with expert strategies to become problem-solving pros, steering your company towards boundless success.

Ready to embark on the next chapter of your small business success story? Contact RTG Solutions Group today to begin your transformation!

“A vision cannot be realized without the ability to execute.”

Khris K. Bhattan
President, RTG Solutions Group
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