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Document Management Consultant Helps Improve Content Workflow

Are you responsible to ensure your organization’s document management processes, configuration control procedures, and compliance requirements are fulfilled? There is help available.

A document management consultant evaluates and improves an organization’s document handling procedures to enhance efficiency, ensure compliance, and secure sensitive information across various platforms.

At RTG Solutions Group, improving process efficiencies is at the heart of what we do well. We apply our process improvement practices to help you improve document management processes across the organization.    

A sound document management strategy is essential for businesses to manage their information lifecycle. This includes from document creation, to revision, and eventually disposal. A document management consultant can incorporate streamlined processes to capture data, search, sort, and network all content.

This creates an efficient workflow across the entire organization. The result is reduction in cost, frustration, and staff time. 

As part of our document management services, we provide a needs assessment, process strategy, and technology analysis. As project managers, we outline the approach and guide the technology implementation.  

Organizational culture can differ from business to business. We account for your organization’s culture and current workplace processes.

We believe that understanding how a business functions is essential to implement a successful document management solution. Other document management consulting companies may not address the impact of these changes on your organizational culture. We do. We believe employee engagement plays an integral role in every corner of running a business. Moreover, this includes how you incorporate document management best practices.  

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Challenges in Inefficient Document Management Processes

Many organizations encounter significant inefficiencies with their document control management, which can weave complex issues across various work streams and functions. These challenges often extend throughout the enterprise, undermining security, quality, and consistency of document storage.

Compliance and Control

How effectively does your organization adhere to stringent compliance regulations? Instances of unauthorized changes to critical documents can lead to severe legal and financial repercussions. Additionally, the difficulty in tracking revisions may expose your organization to compliance risks and operational inefficiencies.

Efficiency and Accessibility

Are employees spending excessive time on manual tasks such as distributing documents, correcting errors, and securing approvals? Managing the details and accuracy of documents can overwhelm leaders, particularly when processes are cumbersome or unclear. Furthermore, if documents are not readily accessible to those who need them, or if the processes for document retrieval, creation, updates, approval, and storage are not consistently followed, it can lead to significant operational bottlenecks.

Document Security and Version Control

Ensuring the security of sensitive information within documents and maintaining accurate version control are paramount. Without robust systems in place, organizations risk data breaches and the chaos of multiple document versions circulating without clear oversight.

These inefficiencies not only drain resources but also hinder productivity, complicate compliance efforts, and can potentially lead to significant financial and reputational damage. Addressing these issues requires a meticulous approach to document management, emphasizing the need for streamlined, secure, and efficient processes.

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Benefits of improving your document management system

Is your organization stuck in a routine, managing document processes in the same traditional way year after year? If the thought of enhancing these processes seems daunting, it’s time to explore the significant benefits of revamping your document management approach.

Partnering with expert document management consultants can provide the insight and support needed to effectively transform these critical operations and realize substantial improvements.

Version Control
Enhance the accuracy of documents throughout their lifecycle—from creation to reviews and approvals. Ensure that everyone utilizes the most recent and approved content, reducing errors and miscommunications.

Meet Regulatory Compliance Standards and Audits
Are you consistently meeting compliance standards? Many government and industry standards require strict adherence. Automatic tracking provides a digital paper trail that simplifies monitoring updates and aids in making audits quicker and more efficient. Effective document control management ensures that both internal and external audit reviews are met seamlessly.

Manage Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
SOPs are critical in many industries for ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of repeatable work. A robust document management system guarantees that all SOPs are accessible, current, and correctly implemented.

Centralized Document Storage
Do various departments and business units maintain their individual storage solutions? Centralizing document storage via an electronic document management system enhances consistency in information management, bolstering security and accuracy across the organization.

Convenient Document Retrieval
Enable a digital-based, anytime-anywhere access system that allows staff to create, capture, review, and update documents remotely and on any digital device or platform.

Simultaneous Document Updating
Increase information accuracy with a system where an update to one document automatically reflects in all corresponding documents. This ensures consistency and saves significant time.

Document Security
Safeguarding against cybersecurity threats and maintaining information integrity are crucial. Manage information storage, document history, and credentialed access effectively to protect sensitive data.

Increase Collaboration and Communication
Managing the flow of content across an organization can involve multiple layers of employees and leaders. A document management system facilitates seamless and cross-functional integration, enhancing collaboration and streamlining communication.

Improve Efficiency and Process Workflow
Implementing electronic document management systems across an enterprise not only improves efficiency and accuracy but also saves time and reduces costs by eliminating redundant tasks and streamlining operations.

By addressing these aspects, your organization can significantly boost productivity and security, ensuring that document management processes contribute positively to your overall strategic goals.

Implementing a document management solution

document management solution

Setting up a document management solution involves more than implementing new technology in your organization. Additionally, it involves new processes to create, manage, and store content.

Unfortunately, when an organization implements new technology on poor processes it negatively compounds the situation. As a result, just adding new technology does not address all inefficient processes that currently manage content workflow. 

This change and “new way of doing things” can impact everyone in the organization. We are unique from other document management consulting companies. We are committed to helping manage the change that is bound to impact everyone in the organization. We strive to ensure that the document management solutions are integrated within streamlined processes. 

Other document management consultants may sell or align with a specific technology solution. RTG Solutions Group is a vendor neutral consulting partner. We can impartially help identify the right technology vendor to meet your organization’s document management needs.

We assist with developing a requirements document based on the current state of your organization’s document management processes. We believe this step is critical to ensure the right technology vendor is selected. As well, the requirements document makes sure the project team meets timelines and budget parameters. 

Sometimes, an organization’s current document management technology is still useful. Often, it may not be utilized to its fullest capacity. We can map and streamline document management process with your current technology. 

In addition, some organizations may have a learning management system currently part of their learning and development efforts. The LMS can also serve as an effective document management and storage tool. 

Importance of Employee training and adoption

Implementing new technology into a business unit, or across an organization, can cause chaos, confusion, and employee resistance.

RTG Solutions Group’s instructional design team can develop employee training and standard operating procedures (SOPs). Overall, these materials provide clarity and consistency in the new document management approach and technology use. We provide employee training curriculum on the document management system and the new processes.

Our goal is to maximize employee adoption of changes to the document management processes.   

Among document management consultants, why choose to partner with RTG Solutions Group?

We are unique in our holistic approach to solve the problems  that impact your business. We are committed to deliver results with a measurable ROI. We outline the scope of work, manage the project, identify workflow bottlenecks, and streamline processes. We develop training needs and SOPs to ensure new content workflow processes are utilized. 


Navigating the complexities of document management requires a thoughtful and strategic approach.

At RTG Solutions Group, we go beyond traditional consulting to ensure that every aspect of your document management strategy is optimized for efficiency, security, and compliance. By addressing the full spectrum of challenges and leveraging the comprehensive benefits, we help organizations transform their document management from a potential liability into a robust asset.

Our commitment to neutrality and our focus on integrating technology with your existing systems make us an ideal partner to help you achieve not just compliance, but also excellence in your document management practices.

With RTG Solutions Group, you gain a partner dedicated to ensuring that the transition is smooth and that every member of your organization is aligned with the new processes. This ensures that your investment in document management technology pays off with enhanced productivity, lower costs, and a stronger organizational foundation.

Contact us today to begin your journey towards streamlined, secure, and effective document management.

“A vision cannot be realized without the ability to execute.”

Khris K. Bhattan
President, RTG Solutions Group
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