Working with a change management consultant can make the difference between usurping the competition or fading to irrelevance. Why? In today’s tumultuous business climate, it’s no longer enough to survive change – you must embrace it.

Disruptive technology, economic turbulence, supply chain disruptions, and intense competition demand that businesses move swiftly and evolve constantly.

At RTG Solutions Group, a boutique change management consulting firm, we do things a bit differently. We understand that change is not just necessary – It’s invaluable.

What if, instead of viewing change as a business adversary, you turned it into your organization’s greatest asset?

We help organizations embrace bold change, using a structured approach that minimizes performance dips and disruptions.

As we help you navigate change, we engage everyone in the organization, follow a clear process, and embody a commitment to communication.

Our goal is for your organization to emerge more efficient than ever.


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Forward-thinking leaders know how to anticipate change. However, maneuvering through change can be overwhelming and complex.

There are many situations in business operations where it is helpful to call upon change management strategy.

An RTG Solutions Group change management consultant can guide you through the following changes and more:

Business transformation – Business transformation is a complex, unified system of interlocking changes. It is a fundamental re-envisioning of how an organization operates. Because transformations redefine the business at every level, they require impeccable execution of change management strategies. This is true whether you are a large corporation or a small business undergoing transformation.

New technology and systems – The focus on implementing new technology is often about hardware, software, and system integration. However, new systems will impact every faction of the business: people, workstreams, culture and communication. Whether you’re implementing a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or undergoing a digital transformation, working with a change management consultant can ensure a smooth transition.

Learning & Development – Adding or updating an employee training program is necessary for company and employee growth. However, it can be a disruptive change. This is especially true if your organization is transitioning to a new LMS (Learning Management System) for the first time. How you prepare for online training and how you communicate this information is crucial to your L&D project.

Organizational change – This includes any structural change to the organization’s hierarchy, leadership, or department structure. This is not to be confused with organizational development. There is a significant difference between organizational development and change management. Change management is a short-term implementation of a specific change. Organizational development, however, is a large-scale effort to get the entire business working more effectively.

Cultural transformation – A healthy company culture plays an integral role in employee engagement and overall business performance. Evolving to a culture of continuous improvement involves tremendous change. And radical change requires careful foresight. A change management consultant will carefully assess how the transition will impact every level and function of the organization.

Strategic planning & new initiatives – Introducing a new project, process, product, or service? Strategic changes and new initiatives demand tedious preparation. At RTG Solutions Group, our change management experts incorporate techniques from the strategic consulting field. This way, we can equip our partners with the tools to swiftly–and successfully–pivot the organization in a new direction.

Communication approach – Adding a new instant messaging collaboration tool? Assessing how to improve communications within the organization? All of these efforts impact people and contribute to change. A change management consultant from RTG Solutions Group can strengthen vertical and cross-functional communication channels across your business.


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At RTG Solutions Group, we often say that the only constant for businesses is change. And there is little argument among business leaders that change is difficult.

In fact, some business resources estimate a 70% failure rate for change management initiatives.

Being aware of common pitfalls and mistakes can make change much easier to navigate. This is where working with a change management consultant can be extraordinarily valuable.

As experts in organizational change and consulting, we are aided by decades of insight. This allows us to predict, prevent, and solve some of the most pressing challenges that come with change management.

Below, we highlight some of the most common difficulties businesses face during times of change:

Lack of commitment and support by senior leadership

It starts at the top. If the CEO and senior leaders do not see the value of a change initiative, it is almost certainly doomed to fail. At RTG Solutions Group, a boutique change management consulting firm, we always strive for unity. We work to get all levels of the organization on board–even those at the very top.

Lack of employee engagement and understanding

Are all employees aware of the changes in the organization? More importantly, do they feel they play a critical role in bringing about that change? Low engagement among staff can be caused by a poor understanding of how the changes affect them. Leaders can foster widespread engagement and buy-in through targeted communication efforts.

Lack of measurable objectives and milestones

Any project that does not include measurable outcomes is set up for failure. Change management initiatives are no exception. As a boutique change management consulting firm, we employ data and analytics in everything we do. No matter the type or scope of a project, our experts can isolate key variables that can be used to measure our impact. We will always deliver measurable results.

Lack of effective communication

Consistent, strategic communication within a business is critical to company performance. Add in disruptive change, and the importance of communication efforts significantly increases. Communication fosters buy-in, promotes engagement, and reinforces understanding during times of change.



Is your organization improving its processes, planning a merger, or undertaking any other kind of transformation? RTG Solutions Group will execute your vision and position your business for long-term growth.

Working with a change management consultant can guarantee a successful transformation and prevent operational disruptions.

Our organizational change and consulting experts have mastered the science of change.

We know what it takes to lead a triumphant change initiative. And we adapt our tools and techniques to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Below, we list some of the factors we target in our change management strategy to ensure project success:

Leader engagement

Yes, it really does matter if leaders believe in and support the change efforts. When leaders positively discuss and engage with the change, it resonates throughout the organization. If your leaders are engaged, half the battle is won.

Speed of change 

How fast a business creates output, delivers services, or brings new products to market is critical to growth. The same is true for organizational changes. When change initiatives drag on and miss important milestones, the likelihood of failure increases.

Employee Inclusion

Do your employees know change is coming? Communicating with employees in the early stages of change initiatives is key. When your team members feel included from the beginning, they will be more invested in rolling out the change.

Reinforce new behaviors

Initiating change in an organization is not a one-and-done mission. With change comes new behaviors and an altered way of doing things. For this reason, a change management consultant must continually reinforce and measure change adoption across the organization.


Purposeful change in an organization does not happen by accident.

Like all aspects of the RTG Management System, our approach to change management centers three things: people, process, and communication.

We believe when an organization develops its people, continually improves its processes, and optimizes internal communication, it creates the conditions for limitless growth.

Here’s why:


Change will always impact people in an organization. Employees at all levels of the business organization who have connectivity to the change should be engaged and communicated with. This creates buy-in and ensures adoption. When you engage your people, they feel motivated and personally invested in executing your change.


The success of any business hinges on its efficiency and ability to continuously improve processes. Our commitment to process efficiency shines through in our change management approach. Our experts make use of analytics, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and other tools to measure goals and maintain schedules.


When leaders harness the power of communication, they can drive sustainable change. Strategic communication through the right channels and to the right audiences is critical to any transformation. Communication is often overlooked as a critical element of change management. However, our approach places communication in the front and center.


We live in an era of information and innovation, where the business world is continually reshaped by relentless change and ceaseless transformation.

To thrive in this turbulent marketplace, embracing change is the only option.

At RTG Solutions Group, we help businesses execute bold change and pursue cutting-edge transformations. Contact us today to speak with a change management consultant!

“A vision cannot be realized without the ability to execute.”

Khris K. Bhattan
President, RTG Solutions Group
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