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Training & Development for the growth-focused organization

What’s your strategic workforce plan? Do your employees have the right skills for today, and tomorrow? Businesses today are enhancing their Learning and Development initiatives to engage generational learners, embrace technology, and create paths for career-minded employees.

Employee training and development programs help organizations:

  • Reduce attrition and attract top talent
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Build a succession path
  • Reduce the skills gap
  • Enhance productivity
  • Grow
  • Profits

The Learning Management System (LMS) is integral to effective employee training

An organization’s Learning Management System is the indispensable engine that propels all e-learning efforts. An LMS manages all training, data, and delivery of eLearning content across the organization. From measuring training adoption and retention, to evaluating KPIs and ROIs, an LMS is an essential tool in the effort to develop employees and reach the organization’s goals and objectives.

Equally important is building a learning culture within the organization. Employees of all ages are interested in learning new skills and developing their career path. As technology advances, it is vital to both businesses and employees to continue to learn. For organizations to remain competitive its important to have a skilled workforce. And this competitive advantage also transcends to how well a company can attract and retain top talent. Building a learning culture will help.

RTG Solutions Group’s Training and Development team helps businesses establish or expand their LMS platform to manage and improve employee training outcomes.

When planning to add or update an LMS platform often triggers many questions. How do we pick the best LMS? How do we know which meets all our needs? How do we evaluate what will work best for our company? How do we implement the LMS and ensure employee adoption? All of these questions are valid and often voiced among training planning teams. And RTG Solutions Group can help manage through the uncertainty to reach your goals.

What makes RTG Solutions Group an effective Learning & Development partner?

We believe that one size, or training approach, does not fit every organization. Our approach is unique. The following are key aspects in our approach to help businesses reach their employee training and development goals.

Conduct a training needs analysis

First, we conduct a thorough Training Needs Analysis to outline the current state of employee training and determine immediate and long-term training needs of the organization.

Assess and plan training efforts as a process

We incorporate our process improvement methodologies into our Learning & Development efforts. Outlining the training process and communicating it, eliminates confusion and chaos of employees and managers. A streamlined training process ensures repeatability, retention and adoption.

Develop training execution model with KPIs and ROI

Following the Training Needs Analysis, we prioritize the findings based on business needs, ease of implementation and short and long-term impact to the organization. The comprehensive go-forward plan highlights specific KPIs and ROI, including implementation milestones, accountabilities and completion dates. There is planned follow-up to review progress at 30-, 60- and 90-day increments. Measurement of the training initiative and process is imperative to ensuring a successful training program.

Develop custom training and curriculum

RTG Solutions Group’s Instructional Design specialists create comprehensive and engaging training that targets employees’ training goals. All training is designed to achieve the outlined KPIs. Our instructional designers create custom curriculum with technical writing, LMS sandbox authoring, gamification, AR, VR, microlearning, and AI.

Our team’s 30 years of instructional design experience spans multiple disciplines and industries, including commercial, government, healthcare and retail sectors. Our experience in the adult education environment extends from introductory training to extensive developmental training for various levels in an organization. Our methods and approach are influenced by the Langevin Design model, and we are certified Langevin Instructional Designers.

Develop training for the remote and hybrid workforce

The Covid pandemic has impacted so much for organizations and employees – including how we train our people. As well, the growth of digital technology continues to play a pivotal role in how we can provide beneficial training. As industries and businesses are disrupted, leaders are rushing to upskill their employees. And if companies didn’t have remote online training in place before Covid, they certainly are shifting to remote learning now.

Training & Development objectives

change management process

RTG Solutions Group Learning and Development team collaborates with employee training and Human Resources professionals to assess current needs and create a culture of learning and growth. Our Instructional Design experts develop custom training across multiple platforms for your organization’s needs.

The secret to creating engaging high-impact training is that instructional designers adhere to training best practices. And this is especially important with the increased prevalence of online training. The expansion of digital technology allows for increased accessibility of training. With 89% of employees wanting training available anytime-anywhere, companies are focusing on expanding their training efforts.

Types of training services:

Compliance Training

We develop training to meet specific governing body and safety requirements such as with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and the IPC, the association connecting the electronics industry.

Technical Skills Training

We develop skills training based on an organization’s need, such as requirements for types of machinery and operations in a variety of industries.  The step-by-step guides and procedures provide instruction to employees that are repeatable and can be used as an on-the-job-training (OJT) tool for new employees.

Employee Orientation and Onboarding Training

We help leaders isolate the needs of the organization and seamlessly transition new employees into the company culture and their role and responsibilities. We outline the current process, identify gaps, streamline the process and develop engaging curriculum that sets new employees up for success.

Leadership Development

Every business needs effective leaders. As part of implementing the RTG Management System into the culture and across workstreams of an organization, we train and coach leaders to lead and help develop others. The RTG Management System includes: Tiered Escalation, Leader Standard Work and One-on-One (O3) meetings and plays an integral role to an organization’s Learning & Development initiatives.

Training & Development objectives

Having a strategic workforce plan is crucial for a company’s success. It’s important to ensure that all employees have the right tools or the ability to access training to improve their talents and skills. This is where the intiatives underlined in leadership and development come into play. If you want to reap the benefits of effective employee training and development programs, contact RTG Solutions Group today. As an agile business consulting firm, it’s our passion and goal to help your business reach your company’s goals and objectives.

“A vision cannot be realized without the ability to execute.”

Khris K. Bhattan
President, RTG Solutions Group
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