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About Us

An agile business consulting firm, providing business solutions critical to your operations.

RTG Solutions Group is a Business Consulting Firm that Helps Leaders Solve Problems Critical to Their Operations.

  • We believe when an organization develops their people, continually improves processes and is committed to effective communication, they position themselves for success.
  • We believe that a commitment to continuous improvement is foundational to an organization’s effectiveness and
  • We believe that a learning culture built on transparency, and personal growth results in engaged employees who are inspired and committed to an organization its and success.
  • We believe that consistent and structured communication plays an important role within an effective organization.

Our methodologies working with businesses yield measurable results and ROI. Our processes and strategies are applicable to any business that seeks to reduce costs, increase employee engagement and improve efficiencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first step in improving business efficiencies is to document all current processes. It’s critical to establish a baseline to measure improvements. The RTG Solutions Group team leads process mapping sessions to identify bottlenecks, delays, redundancies and gaps. We then outline the path forward to improve processes based on priority, time and resources. Additionally, conducting a training needs analysis can provide insight to gaps in employee training that can increase individual and business efficiencies. 

Yes, definitely. The employee performance and knowledge retention can be measured through comparison of a pre- and post-evaluation skills assessment. Employees’ skills are evaluated through standardized testing and on-the-job testing. The training ROI is calculated by evaluating training costs with increase of productivity and revenue. Additionally, a comprehensive training program increases employee engagement and attrition, impacting bottom line revenue.

Integrating a new technology system within a business can be daunting. We recommend developing a Requirements Document for a smooth integration. The comprehensive document maps the current state of systems, software and processes. This information provides much-needed detail between the technology provider and stakeholders for seamless data migration. The Requirements Document incorporates the needs of the business and an understanding of what the new technology needs to support. The RTG Solutions Group team develops Requirements Documents and also serves as an interface between your business and technology provider.

Developing effective communications within an organization can seem insurmountable. It doesn’t have to be. Communications can improve through a structured and consistent process that rolls up and down vertically through each layer of an organization and across workstreams. Leaders, managers and individual contributors each play a role in the timely exchange of information connected to the organization’s strategic goals and objectives. The RTG Management System limits information bottlenecks and contributes to timely decisions in a collaborative and agile culture.

The supply chain of any business weaves through every aspect of an organization. It is the culmination of individual pieces that function as one. The supply chain connects through each department including sales production, marketing, finance, operations, IT, HR and customer service.  It is the movement of information through a business. When an organization’s supply chain is efficient, products, services and information flows seamlessly from one end to the other. As a result, the company saves costs, resources and time. Want to your business to increase revenue? Don’t look towards just selling more. Improve your supply chain efficiency. RTG Solutions Group can help you improve your supply chain for business growth.


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