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Building a leadership development strategy for your organization

Committed to developing your organization’s leaders? A leadership development consulting partner can help navigate the path to develop great employees to be even greater leaders. At RTG Solutions Group, our approach to leadership development tackles building teams, improving communications, increasing critical thinking skills, and guiding leaders to develop future leaders. Developing effective leaders doesn’t just happen in a training class. It involves a strategic process to develop people to lead successfully.

Great leaders transform an organization and propel it forward. They improve communication, increase efficiency, boost employee retention, and enhance engagement. Great leaders set the tone and vision for their teams and organization. They are resourceful in solving problems and managing their teams’ workload. From all industries, great leaders adapt in their role and empower teams and peers to succeed together. 

A title of “manager” doesn’t automatically bestow the qualities of a great leader. Unfortunately, in so many businesses, individual contributors, or managers of small teams, are promoted to leadership positions with increasing responsibility without the skill set to lead effectively. Learning how to be a good leader is a process. We help organizations create a leadership development plan to ensure great leaders.

Employing a leadership development strategy in your organization has many benefits.

  • Attract and Retain Top Talent

Most people, regardless of their current position or industry, want to grow in their job and continue to gain skills and experience along their career path. Not everyone wants to manage people. And that’s OK! Organizations will always need great individual contributors. 

However, everyone wants to work with a great manager. Many people leave a company because of their manager’s poor leadership. Organizations can retain top-performing employees by developing their leaders. It’s a smart business strategy to develop current employees to be leaders rather than continually recruit from the outside. In addition, HR departments can attract quality candidates by highlighting the company’s great leaders and the opportunities to develop as a leader. 

  • Drive Strategy Execution

For a business to stay in business, it’s critical to plan and meet strategic goals. Great leaders know how to motivate teams and get everyone rowing in unison. No single individual can achieve goals on their own to impact the business. Leaders provide the vision and help guide team members to execute the goals. 

  • Navigate Change

The one constant in every business is change. And change management is one of the biggest challenges for everyone. Yet experienced and trained leaders can help guide teams through change. Whether it’s implementing new technology, changing a process, or merging business units, leaders can have a positive or negative impact on change in the workplace.

  • Leaders develop future leaders

One of the best ways to learn how to be a good leader is to learn from someone whose consistency displays great leadership skills. Good leaders are committed to developing others. A business will thrive when an organization’s culture creates the environment of leaders developing leaders.   

  • Leaders contribute to workplace culture

Leaders can have a tremendous impact on an organization’s culture – both positively and negatively. Good leaders enhance employee engagement and help to create an environment where people want to work, contribute, and excel.

How a leadership development consulting firm can help your organization

Leadership Development Strategy RTG Solutions Group

At RTG Solutions Group, we help CEO’s and senior leaders develop a leadership development strategy in a unique, four-pronged approach. We guide organizations on how to create a systematic process to create a communications infrastructure and connectivity across workstreams and each layer of leaders. We teach problem-solving skills and how to identify electronic tools for leaders and their direct reports to improve collaboration and efficiency. We provide training to enhance the leadership team’s critical thinking ability and other soft skills. And we guide leaders on how to develop future leaders. 

Additionally, we teach organizations how to implement the RTG Management System, which is instrumental in a leadership development strategy and an organization’s overall success. 

Build Communications Infrastructure and Workstream Connectivity

An organization is effective and achieves its strategic goals when its leaders collectively work towards common goals. An organization will not excel if its individual leaders manage their teams in a silo. Cross functional communication and connectivity across all workstreams is paramount for an organization to function efficiently and attain its goals. 

An effective communication infrastructure plays a critical role in leaders doing their job well. From individuals new to a leadership role to seasoned leaders, effective and consistent communication is needed to drive towards organizational goals. Each workstream, from marketing to operations, to HR or IT, can’t achieve the organization’s goals without a structured communications infrastructure that provides a consistent means of engagement. 

As part of our leadership development consulting, we guide organizations to incorporate communication best practices across all workstreams. We believe that communication is not just reserved for the Internal or Corporate Communication team or messages from the CEO. Rather, an applied communication methodology will help leaders be better leaders.  

Improve Collaboration and Efficiency Between Leaders and Direct Reports

A component of the RTG Management System is Tiered Escalation. This practice, based on a lean process approach, keeps leaders in the know of their team’s projects and issues that may impact deadlines. In each of the higher escalation levels, leaders communicate and collaborate on projects and issues across each workstream. The escalation practice rolls up to the executive leadership team, providing visibility across the organization, and the ability to make timely decisions. 

Teach Leaders How to Develop Future Leaders

RTG Solutions Group Leadership Development Consultant

Often individual contributors are promoted to leadership roles, and managers elevated to senior leadership positions without experiencing leadership development training. This process, which is common in most organizations, places leaders in roles that they are not equipped to excel at. As a result, leaders can develop bad habits, hurt team morale and engagement, and possibly contribute to departures of high potential employees. It’s important to have a strategy for applying leadership development goals for current and future leaders.

At RTG Solutions Group, our leadership development consulting efforts teaches leaders how to develop leaders along their career. In addition to Tiered Escalation, which provides frequent leader involvement and guidance with their direct reports, the RTG Management System also includes One-on-One (O3) meetings. This constructive time together provides leaders the opportunity to consistently guide their direct report in their current role, as well as towards career advancement.

When good leaders purposefully develop future and current leaders, the entire organization benefits. It creates a pipeline of leaders for the organization, a succession path, and assists employees to further their career. This commitment to leadership development training with emphasis on leaders developing leaders also assists with employee retention and recruitment.

Provide Training for Leaders in Critical Thinking and Other Soft Skills

After conducting a training needs analysis as part of our leadership development consulting, we create training specific for the needs of leaders in your organization. Such training can include: 

Communication and listening skills: It’s important for leaders to effectively exchange ideas, articulate information, and build relationships with their direct reports, teams, and peers.

Team building: The ability to develop a group of individuals with various skills and personalities and lead them as a unified team to accomplish goals is a needed skill for all leaders.    

Critical thinking: Leaders need to reason information, often with complexity, to solve critical problems, and make timely decisions. 

Change management: Leadership development includes teaching leaders how to harness the power of vision and provide strong leadership during transitional periods.

Employee engagement: When so much of a team’s effectiveness and morale hinges on its leader, it’s important for leaders to recognize and contribute to creating a positive team culture. 


Developing great leaders takes a commitment by organizations. As part of our leadership development consulting, we look forward to partnering with you to create the infrastructure and pathway to develop great leaders within your organization. Contact us today to start planning your leadership development strategy.

“A vision cannot be realized without the ability to execute.”

Khris K. Bhattan
President, RTG Solutions Group
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