Defense Company Completes Government Contract Thanks to Engineering Expertise and Strong Project Management

Military defense technical expertise and project management case study

As a veteran-owned company, we are honored to contribute to projects that serve our country. And as a boutique consulting firm, we take pride in the impressive breadth of our team’s experience. This complex job required us to draw from project management methodology and highly technical engineering expertise.  

The US Navy and Air Force contracted a military defense company to develop a new piece of defense equipment. However, the company lacked the right personnel for the job. As a result, the project team was missing deadlines, and the budget was overrun. That’s where we came in. We utilized our engineering expertise to assist in the development of the actual product, while simultaneously incorporating our project management approach to get the project back on track.  


This military defense company had been contracted by the US Navy and Air Force to design a new piece of military defense equipment. However, the project began missing deadlines, and their expenses were stretching beyond their budget. Despite being an established organization, they were missing two key ingredients for this contract: project management and technical expertise.

First, they had not applied a project management approach to oversee and execute this complex job. Second, they did not have personnel who were qualified to ensure the device’s wire harness illustrations were compliant with safety standards. Our challenge was to get the entire project back on track and to supply the technical expertise to complete safety-compliant wire harness illustrations.  


This job called for a combination of comprehensive project management efforts and specialized engineering expertise. We led the development of 128 drawing packages that would serve as a “map” describing how all of the device’s individual components worked together. 

  • Developed Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) to plan the creation of 128 drawing packages and wire harness assembly 
  • Instituted and facilitated daily escalation meetings with project team to ensure project stayed on schedule 
  • Arranged software access for engineering team, so they could properly draft the drawing packages 
  • Identified all relevant safety regulations relating to the development of this device  
  • Created 128 drawing packages in compliance with IPC Electronics Standards to be used for wire harness assembly 


  • Developed all 128 drawing packages necessary for product assembly 
  • Project completed on schedule 
  • Ensured 100% compliance with IPC Electronics safety regulations 
  • Final product performed as intended  

“A vision cannot be realized without the ability to execute.”

Khris K. Bhattan
President, RTG Solutions Group
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