Transition to Online Workforce Training Slashes Attrition and Training Time for Retail Company


When the pandemic hit in early 2020, organizations around the world scrambled to adapt to remote work. After a successful first engagement with an international retail and wholesale company, they called us back to work on a new project for their call center.

They needed to convert all their in-person training into Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) that could be deployed in a remote setting. We took care of everything from process delineation to LMS implementation. As a result, they were able to reduce training time, cut down on attrition, and level-up their training efficacy.  


This organization needed to hire and train 100 people every 3 months for their call center to maintain staffing levels. The problem was they were still delivering training in person. When the pandemic hit, bringing 100 people into a room for training was no longer possible. They needed to pivot to an online model, and they needed to do it fast.

In addition, prior to the pandemic, the company was already struggling with a high turnover problem, and the efficacy of training was starting to be questioned. So, they didn’t just need to move their training online, they needed their training to be more effective than ever. And that’s where we came in.  


We started with a full-blown process delineation to create the basis for the new training modules. After we uncovered and documented all business processes, we collaborated with the LMS provider to get the system up and running.

  • Conducted a training needs analysis 
  • Interviewed workstream leaders to develop visual depictions of all business processes, in the form of swim lane diagrams and value stream maps  
  • Created Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to delineate all steps, resources, and roles associated with the different processes  
  • Used newly created swim lane diagrams, SOPs, and existing training materials as the foundation for the new training modules 
  • Analyzed LMS needs; determined current, unused LMS would work well.  
  • Collaborated with LMS vendor to set up the unused system and integrate it with their existing digital infrastructure  
  • Worked with IT team to ensure successful migration of company data into the new LMS system  
  • Performed quality assurance tests on new LMS system 
  • Created 42 computer-based training modules in Articulate 360 and uploaded course content to LMS 


  • Developed a training library of 42 Virtual Instructor Led Training modules
  • Reduced attrition by 20%  
  • Fully transitioned to remote training with 100% user adoption  
  • Cut training time by 50%  
  • Organization continued to use online training after social distance mandates were lifted  

“A vision cannot be realized without the ability to execute.”

Khris K. Bhattan
President, RTG Solutions Group
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